Singles League

Open to anyone
Singles competition in four divisions
Level 1- 25.00 ppd and up
Level 2- 24.99 to 20 ppd
Level 3- 19.99 and under
Ladies- 19.99 and under

Can be played on any bullshooter board

Play starts May 8th and have until November 1st to complete all matches
Qualifying tournament with winners sent to Houston Texas in January.
Tournament is November 4th

To qualify for tournament, you must complete the season, miss no more than three weeks. If you miss any weeks you may buy in at $15.00 per week.

Cost $40 per player, $50 if you don’t have an NDA card

1 game of count up
6 games of 501
4 games of cricket

Count up will be for a weekly prize pool paid out at the end of the seasons

20 weeks of play, and players are to arrange dates and location with the person they are playing that week. Plug will cost $11 per match


Home team is ON THE RIGHT and picks where the match will be played

Home Team starts the count up match and loser starts games after

Text after match with scores and where match was played to Tomie or Royce