501 Level 2

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Week 1 09/19/2018
GiggityvsShrapnulat Cheers Pub
Dart BagsvsStiff Upper Tipsat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Liquored And AimingvsBYEat BYE
Beers Before BullsvsMTMTat Brewsters East
Week 2 09/26/2018
Beers Before BullsvsShrapnulat WP GlenCairn
MTMTvsLiquored And Aimingat WP Broadways
BYEvsDart Bagsat BYE
Stiff Upper TipsvsGiggityat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Week 3 10/03/2018
ShrapnulvsStiff Upper Tipsat Brewsters East
GiggityvsBYEat BYE
Dart BagsvsMTMTat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Liquored And AimingvsBeers Before Bullsat WP Broadways
Week 4 10/10/2018
Liquored And AimingvsShrapnulat Brewsters East
Beers Before BullsvsDart Bagsat WP GlenCairn
MTMTvsGiggityat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
BYEvsStiff Upper Tipsat BYE
Week 5 10/17/2018
ShrapnulvsBYEat BYE
Stiff Upper TipsvsMTMTat WP GlenCairn
GiggityvsBeers Before Bullsat WP Broadways
Dart BagsvsLiquored And Aimingat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Week 6 10/24/2018
Dart BagsvsShrapnulat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Liquored And AimingvsGiggityat WP Broadways
Beers Before BullsvsStiff Upper Tipsat WP GlenCairn
Week 7 10/31/2018
ShrapnulvsMTMTat Cheers Pub
BYEvsBeers Before Bullsat BYE
Stiff Upper TipsvsLiquored And Aimingat Brewsters East
GiggityvsDart Bagsat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Week 8 11/07/2018
ShrapnulvsGiggityat Cheers Pub
Stiff Upper TipsvsDart Bagsat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
BYEvsLiquored And Aimingat BYE
MTMTvsBeers Before Bullsat WP Broadways
Week 9 11/14/2018
ShrapnulvsBeers Before Bullsat Cheers Pub
Liquored And AimingvsMTMTat WP Broadways
Dart BagsvsBYEat BYE
GiggityvsStiff Upper Tipsat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Week 10 11/21/2018
Stiff Upper TipsvsShrapnulat Brewsters East
BYEvsGiggityat BYE
MTMTvsDart Bagsat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Beers Before BullsvsLiquored And Aimingat WP Broadways
Week 11 11/28/2018
ShrapnulvsLiquored And Aimingat Cheers Pub
Dart BagsvsBeers Before Bullsat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
GiggityvsMTMTat WP Broadways
Stiff Upper TipsvsBYEat BYE
Week 12 12/05/2018
BYEvsShrapnulat BYE
MTMTvsStiff Upper Tipsat WP GlenCairn
Beers Before BullsvsGiggityat WP Broadways
Liquored And AimingvsDart Bagsat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Week 13 12/12/2018
ShrapnulvsDart Bagsat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
GiggityvsLiquored And Aimingat WP Broadways
Stiff Upper TipsvsBeers Before Bullsat Cheers Pub