Missing Games

Week 1

Bad Attitude vs PB + Honey
Bull Shots vs Darts Combine 

Week 4

All out of Gum vs Monday Night Darters
Bull Shots vs The Reapers
Im Hers Shes Mine vs Beers Before Bulls

Week 5

Bad Attitude vs Bull Shots

Week 6

Traitor and Theif vs Liqoured and Aiming

Division: A
TeamWin %GamesWins
PB And Honey84.66555
Bad Attitude70.86546
Monday Night Darters59.65231
Darts Combine577945
The Reapers55.46536
Dream Team54.47943
Traitor And Thief53.86535
Beers Before Bulls52.67841
All Out Of Gum52.67841
Im Hers Hes Mine43.16528
Liquored And Aiming38.56525
Bull Shots13.5527
Brady Bunch10.3788
Player Standings Report for MIX A 

Report Date: 11/04/2018
All X01 games, sorted by Wins:

Chad Lutz29.260PB And Honey213560022
Grant Sawa28.980All Out Of Gum771204
Mike Pierre28.510The Reapers173567119
Scott Ashton27.320Traitor And Thief171402
Brad Ranford26.581Bad Attitude203561017
Sherry Hingtgen24.621PB And Honey10355807
Nick Barnes24.361Dream Team24425808
Kevin Smith23.882All Out Of Gum15355806
Scott Harper23.853Liquored And Aiming11355106
Alex Genaille23.573Darts Combine19426417
Chris Galger22.973Monday Night Darters15283706
Kyle Ashton22.93Traitor And Thief12284005
Kim Kydd21.343Beers Before Bulls17425306
Dale Sokochoff20.843Im Hers Hes Mine12353503
Charles Olsen19.473Beers Before Bulls8424100
Gord Ramsden19.053Bull Shots4282102
MaryJane Marcia18.643Darts Combine4423401
Anna Ranford18.273Bad Attitude4352302
Jon Carey17.933Brady Bunch2282001
Lynne Brown17.233All Out Of Gum3421310
Tammy Oltean17.113Monday Night Darters1281400
Amy Barnes17.033Dream Team4422200
Cindy Kinvig16.293Traitor And Thief1351101
Jon Wyper16.043Brady Bunch114310
Melanie Pierre15.623The Reapers0351100
Sharon Jacobson15.253Liquored And Aiming0351800
Janice Carey15.013Brady Bunch2421300
Tammy Sokochoff14.853Im Hers Hes Mine135600
Lana Jackson14.583Bull Shots028600

All Cricket games, sorted by Wins:

Brad Ranford3.10Bad Attitude1530151150201
Chad Lutz2.950PB And Honey153017770001
GRANT SAWA2.90All Out Of Gum563010000
Mike Pierre2.880The Reapers153019850101
SCOTT ASHTON2.821Traitor And Thief263000100
Alex Genaille2.611Darts Combine113617820007
Scott Harper2.61Liquored And Aiming53011581102
Dale Sokochoff2.543Im Hers Hes Mine8309632000
Sherry Hingtgen2.513PB And Honey93010330002
Chris Galger2.483Monday Night Darters12247210003
Nick Barnes2.383Dream Team53624560008
Kyle Ashton2.353Traitor And Thief15247330001
Kevin Smith2.253All Out Of Gum73011410001
Kim Kydd2.213Beers Before Bulls9367641013
Anna Ranford1.873Bad Attitude7308210000
Charles Olsen1.853Beers Before Bulls7367300002
MaryJane Marcia1.833Darts Combine93610711000
Cindy Kinvig1.813Traitor And Thief4309110000
Melanie Pierre1.763The Reapers4306100000
Lana Jackson1.683Bull Shots1243300000
Gord Ramsden1.673Bull Shots2244200000
Tammy Oltean1.663Monday Night Darters3242100000
Jon Carey1.663Brady Bunch1243100001
Amy Barnes1.643Dream Team5367100000
Sharon Jacobson1.63Liquored And Aiming4305101000
Lynne Brown1.553All Out Of Gum3366320000
Janice Carey1.493Brady Bunch2366310000
Tammy Sokochoff1.353Im Hers Hes Mine7303100000
John Wyper0.963Brady Bunch0120000000