Cricket B

Missing Games

Week 1
Man comes around vs Ochie Holics

Week 2
Puncture Wounds vs Man Comes Around

Week 4
Puncture Wounds vs Just The Tip

Week 7
Ochie Holics vs Heckyl, Jeckyl, Beckyl

Division: A
TeamWin %GamesWins
Puncture Wounds809072
Kill Shot7312692
Ochie Holics68.99062
Just Beat Us68.312686
Just The Tip57.410862
Liquored And Aiming57.112672
Cuntry Pokes47.612660
It Wasnt Me45.212657
Heckyl Jeckyl Beckyl42.610846
Man Comes Around33.39030
Tight Ends20.612626
Stop Lookin At Shaft15.112619




Marcus Stephanson2.980Just Beat Us59986123290827
John Davis2.880Cuntry Pokes35845819321301
Alex Genaille2.640It Wasnt Me50984421200108
Brett Travis2.60Puncture Wounds39704123100111
Dan Hicks2.50Kill Shot5098471790115
Jamie Parrett2.480Ochie Holics255639790000
Aaron Santbergen2.381Ochie Holics2456291580001
Scott Harper2.371Liquored And Aiming4298581590016
Jay Brown2.321Kill Shot42983923110111
Eddie Hoffman2.281Cuntry Pokes5148200000
PAT POIRIER2.281Liquored And Aiming1143300101
Drew Beckett2.271Heckyl Jeckyl Beckyl25702614110102
Rob Aragrand2.261Puncture Wounds3370291340102
Jay Wirll2.221Just Beat Us2798361091101
Joe Dunfield2.211Just The Tip32842812100106
Doug Zaboyski2.181Man Comes Around117026960102
TRAVIS CRUMLEY2.171Man Comes Around7288550010
Greg Ulmer2.121Liquored And Aiming2984291060001
Graeme Parsons2.011Just The Tip308424781101
Justin Dugdale1.862Cuntry Pokes2098331271008
Darryl Rieger1.782Heckyl Jeckyl Beckyl1144100000
Darryl Spanier1.762Heckyl Jeckyl Beckyl208421510001
CHRIS HAWES1.712Ochie Holics5146220000
TOMIE1.643Man Comes Around12426300001
Tammy Sawa1.623Tight Ends1298321110002
Billy Triffo1.620{Substitutes}8141010000
Cindy Kinvig1.623It Wasnt Me798161520001
Terry Liski1.583Stop Lookin At Shaft139821951000
Robin Nicholson1.543Tight Ends149821940100
Ashton Liski1.463Stop Lookin At Shaft69817420001