Mixed Division "A"

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Week 1 Sept 17
Bull ShotsvsMonday Night Dartersat Brewsters East
Darts CombinevsAll Out Of Gumat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Im Hers Hes MinevsThe Reapersat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Liquored And AimingvsBad Attitudeat WP Broadways
PB And HoneyvsBeers Before Bullsat WP GlenCairn
Traitor And TheifvsDream Teamat WP GlenCairn
BYEvsBrady Bunchat BYE
Week 2 Sept 24
Brady BunchvsMonday Night Dartersat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Dream TeamvsBYEat BYE
Beers Before BullsvsTraitor And Theifat WP Broadways
Bad AttitudevsPB And Honeyat WP GlenCairn
The ReapersvsLiquored And Aimingat WP GlenCairn
All Out Of GumvsIm Hers Hes Mineat Cheers Pub
Bull ShotsvsDarts Combineat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Week 3 Oct 1
Monday Night DartersvsBYEat BYE
Brady BunchvsTraitor And Theifat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Dream TeamvsPB And Honeyat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Beers Before BullsvsLiquored And Aimingat WP Broadways
Bad AttitudevsIm Hers Hes Mineat WP GlenCairn
The ReapersvsDarts Combineat WP GlenCairn
All Out Of GumvsBull Shotsat Cheers Pub
Week 4 Oct 8
All Out Of GumvsMonday Night Dartersat Cheers Pub
Bull ShotsvsThe Reapersat Theo Bill’s
Darts CombinevsBad Attitudeat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Im Hers Hes MinevsBeers Before Bullsat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Liquored And AimingvsDream Teamat WP Broadways
PB And HoneyvsBrady Bunchat WP GlenCairn
Traitor And TheifvsBYEat BYE
Week 5 Oct 15
Monday Night DartersvsTraitor And Theifat Brewsters East
BYEvsPB And Honeyat BYE
Brady BunchvsLiquored And Aimingat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Dream TeamvsIm Hers Hes Mineat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Beers Before BullsvsDarts Combineat WP Broadways
Bad AttitudevsBull Shotsat WP GlenCairn
The ReapersvsAll Out Of Gumat WP GlenCairn
Week 6 Oct 22
The ReapersvsMonday Night Dartersat WP GlenCairn
All Out Of GumvsBad Attitudeat Cheers Pub
Bull ShotsvsBeers Before Bullsat Theo Bill’s
Darts CombinevsDream Teamat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Im Hers Hes MinevsBrady Bunchat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Liquored And AimingvsBYEat BYE
PB And HoneyvsTraitor And Theifat WP GlenCairn
Week 7 Oct 29
Monday Night DartersvsPB And Honeyat Brewsters East
Traitor And TheifvsLiquored And Aimingat WP GlenCairn
BYEvsIm Hers Hes Mineat BYE
Brady BunchvsDarts Combineat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Dream TeamvsBull Shotsat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Beers Before BullsvsAll Out Of Gumat WP Broadways
Bad AttitudevsThe Reapersat WP GlenCairn
Week 8 Nov 5
Bad AttitudevsMonday Night Dartersat WP GlenCairn
The ReapersvsBeers Before Bullsat WP GlenCairn
All Out Of GumvsDream Teamat Cheers Pub
Bull ShotsvsBrady Bunchat Theo Bill’s
Darts CombinevsBYEat BYE
Im Hers Hes MinevsTraitor And Theifat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Liquored And AimingvsPB And Honeyat WP Broadways
Week 9 Nov 12
Monday Night DartersvsLiquored And Aimingat Brewsters East
PB And HoneyvsIm Hers Hes Mineat WP GlenCairn
Traitor And TheifvsDarts Combineat WP GlenCairn
BYEvsBull Shotsat BYE
Brady BunchvsAll Out Of Gumat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Dream TeamvsThe Reapersat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Beers Before BullsvsBad Attitudeat WP Broadways
Week 10 Nov 19
Beers Before BullsvsMonday Night Dartersat WP Broadways
Bad AttitudevsDream Teamat WP GlenCairn
The ReapersvsBrady Bunchat WP GlenCairn
All Out Of GumvsBYEat BYE
Bull ShotsvsTraitor And Theifat Theo Bill’s
Darts CombinevsPB And Honeyat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Im Hers Hes MinevsLiquored And Aimingat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Week 11 Nov 26
Monday Night DartersvsIm Hers Hes Mineat Brewsters East
Liquored And AimingvsDarts Combineat WP Broadways
PB And HoneyvsBull Shotsat WP GlenCairn
Traitor And TheifvsAll Out Of Gumat WP GlenCairn
BYEvsThe Reapersat BYE
Brady BunchvsBad Attitudeat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Dream TeamvsBeers Before Bullsat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Week 12 Dec 3
Dream TeamvsMonday Night Dartersat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Beers Before BullsvsBrady Bunchat WP Broadways
Bad AttitudevsBYEat BYE
The ReapersvsTraitor And Theifat WP GlenCairn
All Out Of GumvsPB And Honeyat Cheers Pub
Bull ShotsvsLiquored And Aimingat Theo Bill’s
Darts CombinevsIm Hers Hes Mineat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Week 13 Dec 10
Monday Night DartersvsDarts Combineat Brewsters East
Im Hers Hes MinevsBull Shotsat Gaebel’s BrewHouse
Liquored And AimingvsAll Out Of Gumat WP Broadways
PB And HoneyvsThe Reapersat WP GlenCairn
Traitor And TheifvsBad Attitudeat WP GlenCairn
BYEvsBeers Before Bullsat BYE
Brady BunchvsDream Teamat Gaebel’s BrewHouse